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Desabafos de Outros Tipos E Feitios

Desabafos de Outros Tipos E Feitios


Wake up in the middle of the night

In the dark

I’m all alone

Nothing here can disturb me

All my fears are gone

There are no dreams to be destroyed

There are no hopes to be vanished

There is no one to be disappointed


It’s just me


Suddenly, everything changes, suddenly, I’m not alone

You are there, with me

And all my fears come back to me.


And you say that you love me,

And I tell you that I don’t believe


So you show me that it’s true

My fears start to go away

I think I believe you, maybe it’s possible.


And then I wake up, in the morning, all my fears with me.


You’re not there

You never were

You never will be.


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